W elcome to the webhome of Cedar Creek Counseling. My name is Kurt Boyland and I’m the owner of Cedar Creek Counseling. That’s me with my wife Michelle in the above picture. I’d like to tell you a little about Cedar Creek Counseling and myself.

I am licensed by the state of Texas to practice both marriage and family therapy and professional counseling. Therapy is not just for couples; approximately half of the people seeking services from Cedar Creek Counseling are individuals. The word therapy comes from the Greek word therapia which means “healing”. Marriage counseling and marital therapy can play a powerful role in the healing of broken relationships, stressed marriages, and fragmented families. The testimonials below highlight the changes that can occur in individual counseling and marital therapy.

The mission statement of Cedar Creek Counseling is “Helping families, couples, and individuals in the Abilene area achieve relational excellence and personal success”. Some of the obstacles to excellence are light and momentary, others are heartbreaking and seemingly never-ending: depression, divorce, anxiety, infidelity, chronic stress, pornography, marital conflict, school, grief and loss, employment, uncontrolled anger, and low sexual desire and intimacy. On the road to achieving excellence, success, and healing individuals or couples might began to experience deeper communication with loved ones, fewer fears and concerns about being rejected, and a greater sense of freedom of being able to choose things they wish not to do.

The offices of Cedar Creek Counseling are located in a house in between Abilene Christian University and Hendrick Medical Center. The creek with the same name as our office flows about three blocks east. The creek with the same name as our office flows about three blocks east.

That Cedar Creek Counseling is located in a house at the edge of a neighborhood means you might enjoy some of the comforts of home while visiting our offices: private covered parking, quiet waiting areas, freshly brewed coffee or tea, and various sounds of nature.

If you are seeking greater intimacy and satisfaction in your marriage, relationships, or life, contact a professional at Cedar Creek Counseling Services.

• Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, and Individual Counseling
• Life, Couple, and Parent Coaching
• Workshops and Classes.



Helping families, couples, and individuals in the Abilene area achieve relational excellence and personal success.


Disappointment, resentment, hurt, frustration, and boredom are often uninvited guests in most committed relationships. The tragedy of these experiences is not that they occur but that numerous voices in our lives try to convince us that something must be wrong with the marriage or the person. Irreconcilable differences are the reason behind many broken relationships and marriages. Cedar Creek Counseling Services believes differently. We believe that committed relationships are opportunities for individual and relational growth. Because of this, we believe that experiences such as frustration and unhappiness within a marital context are normal (albeit not preferred) and necessary: necessary for the growth of the individual and the relationship. Instead of harbingers of failure and termination, they are portends of hope, integrity, power, and greater love for self and one another.

If you are seeking a more satisfying, intimate marriage, contact a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Cedar Creek Counseling Services, PLLC. We offer counseling, therapy, and life and couple coaching in a comfortable, home setting for anyone yearning to fulfill their relational, spiritual, sexual and individual potential. We also offer compelling marital and intimacy workshops and classes for churches and civic groups.


What do you want in life? More fulfillment in your job? More romance? Better sex? Lose or gain weight? Start a new business?

Overcome a lingering habit? Contentment ? Save more money? If you want to experience dynamic change in your life then coaching may be for you. Coaching assists people to discover what they want in life and unlock their own brilliance to achieve it. Coaching is different than counseling in many ways. While counseling and therapy focuses occasionally on the past, coaching is future focused. Coaching is faster paced than counseling: Counseling is generally carried out in 50 minute sessions whereas coaching is conducted in fifteen or twenty minute time intervals. Coaching is not confined to a room. It can be conducted on the phone, in a restaurant, or on the go. Here's another way to think about it: Coaching is sometimes a part of counseling but counseling is rarely a part of coaching. The key difference between counseling and coaching is that counseling generally focuses on problem resolution while coaching emphasizes life enhancement. In other words, the starting points for each are generally different. Contact Cedar Creek Counseling to learn more how you can enhance your life and relationships through coaching.


  • When I sought out Kurt Boyland for counseling, my life was filled with darkness and foreboding brought on by clinical depression.  Kurt didn’t offer to solve my problems for me, but did agree to walk alongside me as I faced them, giving me courage and a sense of hope for the future.  His office, and the time we spent there together, became a safe haven for me when I thought all hope had been exhausted.  Kurt consistently demonstrated his personal integrity and expertise by accepting me as I was, helping me face who I’d become, and empowering me to face the uncertain future with the confidence that comes from being loved and embraced as God’s child.  Knowing and working with Kurt Boyland transformed my life for the better and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. My family and I have had a very positive experience going to counseling with Kurt Boyland. From the very start my family felt very comfortable talking with him. He has equipped us with new ways to think and change family dynamics, which leads to more peaceful resolutions. I would highly recommend Mr. Boyland to anyone seeking counseling.
  • My counseling with Kurt Boyland was very empowering.  The counseling sessions were very beneficial and helped me understand my behaviors on a deeper level. I have nothing but praise for Kurt Boyland and would recommend him to all.
  • I just wanted to write to thank you for your help over the last year. I’ve grown a lot, and you’ve been an example and a teacher along the way. I remember early on talking about true healing/comforting coming from just being in the presence of Jesus. I think I experienced that presence with you sometimes. I guess because he genuinely inhabits your life and your work.
  • Kurt literally saved my life.
  • I am more of the person I want to be today because of Kurt Boyland.  Words seem very inadequate to describe the therapeutic experience I had with him!  However, I can say that I came into his office a very hurt, wounded, angry individual, and I found healing in both the conversations and silence during our sessions.  Kurt gave me space to feel whatever I needed to feel, and he was strong enough to handle whatever I gave him.   He is an outstanding, gifted therapist.
  • You are one of the most important people in lives of your clients at a time that they are in “critical condition”!  The job you do cannot be fully rewarded by money or awards, but only in Heaven someday.  Even if I never spoke to you after today, I would not forget you or what you did for me for the rest of my life.  You are one-of-a-kind, Kurt, and I appreciate you.
  • The counseling I received from Kurt was life changing.  His questions forced me to search deep within myself to find the root sources of my pain.  His sensitive gentle spirit brought peace to my anxiety ridden life.  Through Kurt I I learned how to live in the freedom of God’s love, which meant first learning how to love myself.  Through all steps of my journey Kurt was there with insight, care and love.
  • As a result of our meetings, I think I am in a better and more peaceful place now emotionally than I have been in a LONG time.
  • God has used you in a tremendous way to bless me at a very critical point in my life, and you have been one of the most single greatest blessings of my entire life. Thank you for your wisdom, kindness, and patience. They have been greater blessings than you will ever know!


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Located in a house near the banks of Cedar Creek in between Abilene Christian University and Hendrick Medical Center.